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ALL Purpose Nik is a 6 part video series created by Nikolas Bentel. 

It is a film about reimagining our manufactured world and becoming human again in the 21st century.  How did our cavemen ancestors survive?  Will we get replaced by robots?  Follow Nik as he pretends to answer these questions in the 6 part series.

Nik's studio is currently based out of the New Museum's design incubator, New Inc.  You can find him hanging out around the Museum buying overpriced burritos or trying to move art materials across Soho


A BiG "Thank You"

Making this would not be possible without a shit ton of help from a lot of really cool people.


Lukas Bentel

Henry Maconnel

Brian Hicks

Paolo Cardini

Robert Wang

Samantha Rae

Paul Bentel

Carol Bentel

Bella Jacques

Matt Khinda

Tim Briggs

Ben Hunt

Althea Fyfe

Lucas Vasilko

Michela Bentel

Saad Moosajee

Alec Babala

Charlie Cannon

Karma Malhas

Jon Gourlay